Bub (コナリキン?) is a young Bob-omb that appears in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is the son of Goldbob and Sylvia and they all live in the luxurious Poshley Heights. Despite being a minor character, Bub's role in the game is rather significant.


Bub is first seen in Glitzville with his parents enjoying the scenery. During his time at Glitzville, Bub has watched Mario fight in the Glitz Pit and always refer to him as the "Great Gonzales" rather than his real name.

Bub isn't seen again until Chapter 6 where he and his parents are on the Excess Express. After the stolen pot mystery has been solved, Mario can go over to his room to help him out. Bub's birthday is near and his parents are arguing over what to get for him. Bub askes Mario that he wants someone's autograph and it turns out to be the Train Conductor's autograph. After giving Bub the autograph, the young Bob-omb will reward Mario with a Shine Sprite. Later after a Smorg monster has been defeated, Bub and his family arrive in Poshley Heights where they live in the west house in the first area.

Bub also has a trouble to be done where he gets into a fight with his mother and needs Mario's help to make up with her. Bub lists items in the trouble and any one of them is needed to help out. After giving Bub the item, he will give his "life savings," 30 coins.