Bruce is a minor character that appears in Paper Mario.


Bruce is a Bob-omb that is blue in color.


Bruce is a friendly Bob-omb that used to ally with the Koopa Bros. in the game. However, at one point, the Koopa Bros. began working for Bowser as they were tasked to guard one of the Star Spirits and Bruce along with the other friendly Bob-ombs were locked in a prison cell.


When Mario, Goombario, and Kooper fell into the prison cell by a trap set by Yellow Ninjakoopa, they can talk to Bruce and the other friendly Bob-ombs (including Bombette who explains the entire story). However, after the Koopa Bros. are defeated, Bruce and the other Bob-ombs leave.

Bruce can be later seen in Kooper's house where he and another Bob-omb are causing a lot of noise with their explosions. It is revealed the Bruce is madly in love with Bombette and constantly wants to confess his love to her. Bruce's noise causes Koopa Koot to get upset and asks Mario to stop him as one of his favors. Mario must talk to Bruce with Bombette as his current partner to get her to shut up Bruce. Even though this does stop Bruce from causing a lot of noise, he still sends love letters to Bombette.