Broque Monsieur is a distinguished Brock who speaks French. He has a dog (that also looks like a block) called Broggy. He also shares similar appearance with Broque Madame and his race is a Brock.


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

His first appearance is in Plack Beach, when he was stuck on an island and called for help. Bowser, passing by, helped him and in return Broque gave him the Vacuum Block. Later in the story, Broque's dog Broggy stopped listening to him, so Bowser had to fight Broggy. Afterwards, in Dimble Wood, you see Broque in his shop, and he would only serve Bowser, who had a fate with Broque. He also asked Bowser to find and capture fifteen Blitties, and as a reward, Broque would let Bowser take Broggy for a "walk," and then he is able to use the Broggy Bonker move. He often referred to Bowser as "Monsieur Turtle Bits."

He is also a block collector, and since Mario hits blocks instead of collecting Broque Monsieur doesn't allow Mario or Luigi to shop at his store.

Despite being just a Shopkeeper, he is crucial in the game, as the Vacuum Attack is needed to destroy the final boss.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Like Starlow, Broque reappeared in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He meets Mario and Luigi for the second time. 

Changing from nice to angry

In this game, it is revealed that he is actually from Pi'illo Island where he and the rest of his kind live. Broque meets Mario, Peach, Toadworth and an entourage of Toads at Blimport. As a welcoming minigame, Mario has to answer questions with yes or no. If he answered correctly he would get five coins, but there would be no penalty for failure. Later, he would appear to be hostile, setting his 'monsters' on Mario. Mario has to fight a total of three Grombas. Broque reveals after that it was all an act, and part of the welcoming experiance. Finally, outside of Pi'illo Castle, he meets Mario and Co again (with the addition of Luigi who finally woke up from his sleep) Mario and Luigi play one last game which multiplies their coins.