Broque Madame is a female Brock that speaks in French. She first appears in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story where she lives in a small house near bumpsy plains. While telling Bowser a story, it is revealed she and Broque Monsieur have a love relationship together. If Bowser massages her back well enough, she'll give him prizes.

Broque Madame returns in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team where she owns a new, fancy shop. She then reveals to Mario and Luigi that Peach and Toadsworth were disguised as Brocks. Broque Madame then suggests hiding Peach in the dream world to which everyone agrees to. Her Silver shop is open to everyone, while the fancier and expensive Gold shop is open only for the ones that reached the Rainbow Rank. The Gold shop is Blocked by a Brock named Britchard, but let's Mario and Luigi come to shop if they have the needed rank, and they also have healing service.

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