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Broggy is a dog from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. He is essentially Broque's "guard-dog" and is made from a yellow Question Block, complete with four legs and large ears on each side of its body. On its rear-side, Broggy has a band-aid. He protects Broque's store against intruders and runs his own.

Broggy is fought once in the game; he fights Bowser thinking he is an intruder. Bowser has to attack Broggy with his fire breath, and whilst Broggy's burnt, Bowser can attack his band-aid until he's defeated. Watch out for him tackling right into Bowser, and be aware that the fire will self-extinguish after a couple of turns.

Broggy is available as a special attack after all fifteen Blittys have been saved. This special attack is called "Broggy Bonker", which costs 20 SP.

If Mario and Luigi talk to Broggy, he will growl in a manner much more menacing than he does to Bowser: "BROOF BROOF BROOF!!!!!", and not allow them to buy gear from him.

Broggy returns in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team where it was revealed that he's actually from the Pi'illo Kingdom. He appears before Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth where he delivers a message from Dr. Snoozemore about an invitation to Pi'illo Island.