Brobot is a colossal robot belonging to Mr. L whom he uses in Super Paper Mario. Its name comes from "bro," a shortening for brother and "robot." The robot was created to look like Luigi's head, except for being made of metal and bigger. There is a stronger version called Brobot L-Type, having hands and feet.


Super Paper Mario

When Mario and co. reach the end of the Whoa Zone, Mr. L comes down and summons his Brobot to fight Mario and co.

When the battle starts, it starts shooting homing missiles that can be destroyed by having Mario and co. shoot them. Brobot can also shoot lasers from his eyes to attack Mario and co. However, Mario and co. can evade this by flipping. Then, the Brobot opens his large mechanical mouth and tries to suck Mario inside of him and then chomps on him. During inside Brobot's mouth, Mario can find floating Choco-Bars. Mario can use these items to help his stats increase by one. Red ones increase Mario's attack stat by one, yellow increases Mario's speed, green ones allow Mario to temporarily shoot missiles, blue ones create a barrier, nullifying all of Brobot's damage, and purple ones allow Mario to shoot two Squirps at once.

After Mario and co. defeat Brobot, Mr. L mentions that he will return sometime later and is true as he reappears in World of Nothing with his Brobot with an upgrade, Brobot L-type and so he does.