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Brickle, also goes by Boss Brickle, is a character that appears in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is the one that helps fix up around Pi'illo Island and runs Mushrise Park.



When he had Eldream's pillow in his possession, Brickle was egotistical. His ego led him to keep his prized possession out of the Mario brothers's hands, despite it being important. After he fell into the fountain and was freed, Brickle reforms.

Physical description

Brickle is very similar in appearance to Broque Monsieur except he wears a blue cap with an impeller and has a triangle-shaped mustache.


Brickle is first seen at Mushrise Park where he has the pillow containing Eldream. However, Brickle wouldn't give it up and starts to flee from Mario and Luigi. He eventually gets stuck in a fountain where Mario and Luigi travel under Mushrise Park to raise the water pressure and free him. Brickle, grateful, hands over the pillow and even ten Attack Pieces. However, his invention, the Grobot soon malfunctions and attacks its master while it was watering the flowers near the maintenance hut. Mario and Luigi defeat the Grobot and Brickle sadly states that one of the pieces of the fountain must have hit it and it was for the best that it was destroyed.

Brickle once again speaks to Mario and the rest where they ask him where the Mushrise Tree Board for the Ultibed is located. Brickle agrees to tell them only if they do his favor first which involves breaking rocks. Brickle shows where to break the rocks at and Mario and Luigi set out to do his request. After Mario and Luigi finished destroying the rocks, Brickle happily takes Mario and the rest to the Mushrise Tree Board. However, he wasn't sure, at first, it was the real thing which Starlow scolds at him for all of that work earlier. Brickle then tells a long story on why he came to Pi'illo Island putting Mario and Luigi to sleep. Prince Dreambert then confirms that it is indeed the Mushrise Tree Board leaving Brickle excited that he knows about it. Brickle then goes back to work leaving Mario's group with the third Ultibed piece: The Mushrise Tree Board.

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