Breakneck Building is a duel minigame from Mario Party 8 in which two players must complete some odd jobs at a construction site.


The two players arrive at the construction site of a wooden cabin and walk up to a log propped up by two sawhorses. Each player grabs a saw and the game begins.


Players automatically begin sawing the large log in half using the saw. When that task is completed, the player moves on to a large board with two nails sticking out of it. The player picks up a hammer and starts pounding in the nails. The final task is to paint a piece of wood on an easel with either blue or red paint. Once all three tasks are completed, the game is over and the first player who completes all three tasks wins.


Each of the three tasks requires a different set of controls. In the first task, players have to thrust the Wii Remote forward and backwards to create a sawing effect. The second task, nailing in some nails, is achieved by waving the Wii Remote up and down to simulate a hammer. For the final task of painting a wall, players have to hold down the B button while waving the Wii Remote around the screen. Aiming at the wall of course.