Not to be confused with Bowser.

Bowyer is one of Smithy's lieutenants in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars who resembles a bow. One of his attacks is firing his Aeroes at Mario and Mallow. Bowyer started up a training facility for the Smithy Gang in Rose Town as Smithy ordered him to do so, but set it up in the Forest Maze. When Bowyer obtains the second Star Piece, he is confronted by Geno and soon enough, Mario and co. battle him.


When Mario, Mallow, and Geno fights Bowyer, they can see Bowyer's main attack being firing arrows at them and using lightning magic at them too. He can disable Mario and co.'s attacks, items, or special attacks to make the battle harder. It can be disabled when the move is used again. After a lot of fighting, Mario and co. regain the second Star Piece and win.


  • In his artwork and his Machine Made version, Bowyer's eyes are red, but in the game Bowyer's eyes are blue.