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Not to be confused with Bowser.

Bowyer is an officer of the Smithy Gang who launched many Aeros to torment and stun the residents of Rose Town from the Forest Maze, the guardian of the second Star Piece, and a major antagonist and boss in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and its Nintendo Switch remake Super Mario RPG.


When Mario, Mallow, and Geno fights Bowyer, they can see Bowyer's main attack being firing arrows at them and using lightning magic at them too. He can disable Mario and co.'s attacks, items, or special attacks to make the battle harder. It can be disabled when the move is used again. After a lot of fighting, Mario and co. regain the second Star Piece and win.

Game data[]

Bowyer SMRPG sprite
HP 720 FP 250 Attack 50 Defense 40 Magic attack 30
Magic defense 35 Speed 10 Evade 0% Magic evade 0% Morph rate 0%
EXP 60 Coins 50 Dropped item Flower Box (25%), Flower Box (5%) Bonus Flower None Yoshi Cookie None
Weaknesses None Strong Fear, Poison, Sleep, Mute, Critical
Spells Static E!, Bolt, Lightning Orb Special attacks G'night
Location(s) Forest Maze Psychopath message "What's with these folks?"


  • In his artwork and his Machine Made version, Bowyer's eyes are red, but in the game Bowyer's eyes are blue.