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Bowser in the Sky (てんくうの たたかい! Battle of the Heavens!?) is the final Bowser level in Super Mario 64 and the DS remake, in which Mario would travel through platforms in the sky until he reached a Warp Pipe leading to a fight against Bowser to save Princess Peach and the Toads in Princess Peach's Castle.


Mario would have to avoid enemies such as Chuckyas and Goombas. Bowser in the Sky is the one of the hardest levels in the game, and Mario will need 70 Power Stars (80 in Super Mario 64 DS) to reach the top of the endless stairs. Otherwise, the staircase will become endless. There is, however, a glitch that can be used to get up the stairs without enough Power Stars. To do it, Mario must Long Jump backwards, very quickly. This glitch is considered rather hard to do. Note that this glitch can be done in the DS version, but the camera will turn and the player will not go up the stairs. In the DS version only Mario can enter. There's a glitch for other characters to slide kick on the second stair, they'll end up outside the castle and lose a life. However, they'll get shot up to the sky and enter the level, as with as little as 50 stars. It takes 3 hits to kill him. Once Bowser is defeated he'll give a star but when Mario gets it he flies and comes to the castle grounds where (Luigi, Wario, Peach, and Yoshi are waiting for him in the DS version) the Toads and Peach are waiting for him. Mario releases Peach from the glass and offers him (and the other three heroes in the DS version) a cake and the player can see the credits. It ends with the characters waving, as Latiku Bros. flies out. and Mario says "Thank You So Much For Playing My Game" and the game ends. The player has to restart the game. In the DS version when you press the title screen, it automatically goes to the title screen. Yoshi will be on the roof giving Mario 100 lives and a sparkling triple jump, preventing from damage.


8 Red Coins

  • Collect all eight red coins to make the star appear. Below is a list of all the Red Coin locations.
  1. The first Red Coin is located directly above the moving platform. Push the nearby metal box towards the moving platform towards the edge and jump to obtain the first Red Coin. In the DS remake, a triple jump could also work.
  2. After jumping off the spinning platform, there is a stone walkway, the Red Coin is in the corner. Grab it but watch out for the Venus Fire Trap.
  3. Below the balancing platform and the ferris wheel is a lower platform, jump down to it and look around to the right, there should be a small ledge where the third Red Coin is hiding.
  4. After the timed staircase is a gravitational ramp, run up it (while avoiding the Flamethrowers) and at the top, the is the Red Coin. Grab it before continuing onward.
  5. After jumping on the moving elevator, jump on the wooden blocks, the fifth Red Coin is located on the rhombus-shaped block above. Grab it and make sure you slide back on the elevator or on solid ground.
  6. On the first of the spinning platforms after the elevator, a Red Coin is located by the spire in the center of the platform.
  7. Above the platforms is a floating pole (in between two moving platforms), the Red Coin is located atop the pole.
  8. After running through the wind near the end and reaching the stairs at the end, jump below, there is a small ledge and the 8th and final Red Coin is located underneath the stairs.

After collecting all 8 Red Coins, the Star appears by the Pipe which leads to the final battle, grab it and then enter the pipe to take on Bowser.

Super Mario 64 DS-Exclusive Star

  • A Star Switch rests on a stone platform that can be found below the Ferris-Wheel-like set of platforms. After pressing it, the Power Star appears on the first spinning platform with the Amp. Race back there in time to obtain the Star.

The Final Battle

Bowser has all his moves from the previous battles (including all three variations of his fire breath) but he has added a couple new ones too. When he jumps, he can also create electric shockwaves. Bowser also has a third variation of his fire breath. He can now also breathe streams of fire in the air and rain down heaps of fireballs. Some of these fireballs will be green and bounce around the arena upon landing so be careful. Anyway, to beat Bowser it is the same as ever, grab his tail and then spin him into one of the mines on the arena's outside. Once Bowser hits, he will be KO'd but he gets back up (this time Bowser requires 3 hits rather than just one). Dodge Bowser's attacks and grab his tail again and toss him into another Mine (be careful not to toss Bowser off the edge because if you do, not only will he hop back up, but he will destroy one eighth of the arena he landed making the fight a little more difficult so be careful). After two hits, Bowser will become enraged and cause large chunks of the arena to come apart making the arena take the shape of a Giant Star. Bowser will continue with his usual attacks but due to the changes of the arena, throwing him into the mines just got a bit harder. You will need to lure Bowser to one of the edges and then grab his tail and toss him at the closest Mine. After your third strike, Bowser will admit defeat, surrender, and give up the Giant Power Star. Grab the Power Star to free the Princess and save the Mushroom World.

Enemies Encountered


  • This course contains the only Whomp that doesn't appear in Whomp's Fortress.
  • Before running near the Whomp, stay on the revolving platform and buckjump onto the nearby ledge. This skips the Whomp and a Chuckya.
  • Before you go in the pipe at the end, look at the statues. It shows Mario jumping over a Fireball near Bowser, in the old Super Mario Bros. style. It's very blurry and poor quality, yet unmistakable.
  • When Mario encounters and battles Bowser, an eerie organ-themed music plays.
  • The battlefield is Coin-shaped at the beginning of the battle. After Bowser destroys it, it becomes Star-shaped. If the two images on the bottom half of the Nintendo DS screen are superimposed, the resulting image becomes that of a Gold Coin.
  • In Super Mario 64 DS, when Bowser destroys the battlefield and shapes it into a star, look at the bottom screen. It still shows the battlefield as a whole, either to trick the player to fall off the edge or something the programmers missed. This also shows up in the Chief Chilly Battle.
  • After defeating Bowser, a giant Power Star appears. This is similar to the Grand Star in the Super Mario Galaxy series.
  • There are eight Goombas in this course, however due to its placement, the 8th one spawns on the death barrier at the bottom of the level.

SM64DS Endless Stairs (Oldschool) Glitch

  • In Super Mario 64 DS, this level can only be accessed with Mario however a glitch can be performed allowing access with any character. If it fails, you lose a life but if it all goes well you will be shot in the sky and just before the Bowser in the Sky area. Once the fight is beaten, Mario appears with his back against the character you used. This will also cause some odd side effects in the credits and after Rainbow Ride's scene. You lose a life and some of the game's sound effects are gone. As a result of the credits, the Submarine in Dire, Dire Docks returns but the door on the Second Floor is locked again. This can be fixed by beating Bowser in the Fire Sea again. A video about this glitch can be found to the right.
  • The music that plays in this stage, Bowser's Road, returns in Super Mario Galaxy where it plays in Bowser's reactors, more specifically his Star Reactor and Dark Matter Plant.