Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Flotilla is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is also the first level in the game where Bowser Jr. is in control. The boss of the galaxy is Gobblegut. Mario will obtain a Grand Star once Gobblegut is defeated.


Gobblegut's Aching Belly

Mario must fight Gobblegut to get the Grand Star.

Fiery Flotilla Speed Run (Speedy Comet in Orbit)

This mission is only accessible unless already completed if a Speedy Comet is in orbit.

Green Star 1

The player will play the Gobblegut's Aching Belly mission again. The first of the two Green Stars is at on the Castle Exterior, on the north-west tower of the wall. To get on to the wall, the player must do a back-flip on top of Thwomp, then either an long-jump or backwards towards the wall, spin, wall-jump off the wall and spin on to the top of it. From this point on, a Star will be visible and the player can go for it by jumping on the ridges of the castle wall.

Green Star 2

The player will repeat the Gobblegut's Aching Belly mission. The second of the two Green Stars is at on the Lava Planet. To get the Green Star, the player will need to perform a long jump from where the Launch Star is. If they done it correctly, the player should make it to the Star before they come in touching with the lava.


  • This is the only Bowser Jr. stage in the game where Bowser Jr. doesn't stay back to fight.