Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker is a galaxy and the final galaxy of World 5 in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2 starring Bowser Jr. as the boss for the final time in the game. It has a darker appearance compared to its predecessors. Enemies found here inclue Fizzlits, Bullet Bills, Boomerang Bros., and Dry Bones. Mario can only visit this galaxy once he grabs 55 Power Stars.


Bowser Jr.'s Boomsday Machine

Mario must make his way to the centre of the Galaxy, where Bowser Jr. awaits in his Boomsday Machine.

Prankster Comets

Boomsday Machine Daredevil Run

Can Mario complete Bowser Jr.'s Boomsday Machine without taking damage?

Green Stars

Green Star 1

Climb on one of the flagpoles that appear on the second planet.

Green Star 2

Aim to the west of the Spinning Platforms Planet.


Starting Planet (Megahammer's Junkyard)

A destroyed Megahammer appears here.

Boomerang Bro fort planet

Beat the Boomerang Bros that lair here to find the Launch Star.

Cannon Planet

Use the Cannon to make your way forward. This planet's equator is straddled with an electric barrier.

Spinning Platforms Planet

Mario must make his way to the top to find the Launch Star, which leads him to the boss area.

Boss Planet

Bowser Jr. awaits... in his Boomsday Machine tank!

Dark Matter Area

Dark Matter lurk here, and their patch covers the entire planet, save for a few landmasses. A lone bipedal Koopa Troopa appears here, right after the target.


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