Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada is a Bowser galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This galaxy consists of a very large group of airships, including one piloted by Bowser Jr. which Mario must attack and sink on his way to the boss arena. It has three Airships including this particular one in the icon.

The music of Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada is a remix of the airship theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.


Sinking the Airships

The first airship has a Cannon on the stern, so Mario will have to dodge or defeat the foes and Mario will have to jump in. The player will have to either aim the cannon at the flagpole with the Pull Star on the right to reach the next airship, blast into an extremely small planet with Goombas that has a 1-up Mushroom and a Sling Star to bring him to the airship directly, or carefully aim at the leftmost flagpole to skip a few steps. After Mario battles his way across the airships, Mario will reach a Luma Shop and a wooden platform docked against the last airship. Mario should jump on the platform, which begins to move, and the player will have to dodge the cannonballs, launched by several unreachable galleon-sized airships, and spiders to reach the final airship where Bowser Jr. awaits. Bowser Jr. shoots fireballs from his airship at Mario, so Mario must Star Spin or jump on one of the Koopa Troopas, grab its shell, and throw it at Bowser Jr's airship. Mario will have to hit Bowser Jr.'s airship three times to make him turn and face Mario. Each hit will cause more mayhem to erupt on Bowser Jr.'s airship, as he begins to fire Bullet Bills with his ship and summon Magikoopas. Mario will have to throw two more shells and Bowser Jr. will be defeated, and Mario will get a Grand Star.

Bowser Jr, the boss of this mission.


Starting Planet

A small wooden plank that the first Airship somehow got parked next to.

Airship Armada

There are no major planets throughout the Galaxy, but Airships are prominent.

Bouncy Bonus Planet

A small green rubber ball that can be found above the second Airship.


  • This is the only boss stage that lacks Standard Gravity in the Starting Area and the Boss Stage. Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor does not count, since the Lava Reactor is very large.

Names in other languages

  • Japanese: Kuppa Jr. no Shippu Puranto (Translates as "Bowser Jr.'s Ship Plant" (Bowser Jr. has Kuppa Jr. as his name in Japanese.); written as クッパJr.シッププラント)
  • Spanish: La Dimensión Bowsius de Navis (Translates as "Bowser Jr.'s Ship Dimension".)
  • French: L'Usine Bowsere-osse Juniore-osse de Vaisselle-ous (Bowser Jr.'s Ship Factory)
  • Italian: La Flotta Navale Bowserus Gjuniorus (Bowser Jr.'s Ship Factory)