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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a track in all of the Mario Kart series. It is [[Bowser]]'s signature course. It is almost always in the [[Special Cup]], mostly because it is hard.
===[[Super Mario Kart]]===
Although the latest [[Mario Kart Series|Mario Kart]] games have put Bowser Castle as one of the courses in Special Cup, it was not that way at the beginning. There were three Bowser Castles. One in [[Mushroom Cup]], one in [[Flower Cup]], and one in [[Star Cup]]. None of the three appeared in Special Cup. The track is covered in [[Thwomp]]s who hope to squash you.
===[[Mario Kart 64]]===
Here, there is only one Bowser Castle, which is in [[Star Cup]]. Again, the track is covered in angry Thwomps and lava. Half of the course is outside the castle, while half of it is inside.
This course reappears as a retro course in [[Mario Kart Wii]].
===[[Mario Kart: Super Circuit]]===
In this game, much like Super Mario Kart, there are numerous Bowser Castles. 4 Bowser Castles appear in this game. One in Mushroom Cup, one in Flower Cup, one in Star Cup, and one in Special Cup.
===[[Mario Kart: Double Dash!!]]===
In this game, the level is mostly inside, but the beginning is outside. Just like every other Bowser Castle, this one also has Thwomps and lava. This castle debuted the signature [[Mecha Bowser]], which shoots out fireballs. This was the third course in Special Cup.
===[[Mario Kart DS]]===
Like Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, this game's Bowser Castle is third on the list of Special Cup courses.
===[[Mario Kart Wii]]===
In this version, Bowser Castle is again the third course in Special Cup and has the Mecha Bowser again, and the Mecha Bowser shoots fireballs out again. There is much lava and the signature [[Thwomps]]s.
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