Bowser Amps (also called Bowser Stunners, Bowser Shockers, Plasma Bowsers, or Electro-Bowsers) are a special type of Amp first appearing in New Super Mario Bros. U, they have electric powers similar to Amps but can also shoot electric projectiles along set paths. Unlike regular Amps, they are basically invincible and cannot be destroyed in any way.


New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Bowser Amps are seen in New Super Mario Bros. U as well as New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. In these games, they are only seen in the levels Red-Hot Elevator Ride and Current Event acting as major guards during the heroes' elevator ride in Peach's Castle. They electrocute the heroes upon contact just as a regular Amp and serve as a major obstacle to avoid but the Bowser Amps also have an ability that regular Amps don't possess which involves them being able to fire electric projectiles along connected tracks which can travel to other Bowser Amps creating streams of electricity. On top of all that, a Bowser Amp is completely invincible and cannot be defeated (not even with a Starman which merely makes the heroes phase through a Bowser Amp) which makes them a very dangerous enemy.

The Challenge Elevator Out of Service involves Power Squirrel Mario having to glide to the top without the use of the Elevator whilst avoiding the Bowser Amps and their electric currents, if he is hit by even one, he fails the challenge.



  • Bowser Amps are often confused for Gray Bowser Statues due to their similar appearance however Bowser Statues don't possess Electric Powers.