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Bowser is the main antagonist and final boss of the game, Super Mario World.


In the beginning of the game, Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach yet again and enlists the help of the Koopalings once more to help take down Mario (and Luigi). After defeating all of the Koopalings to access the Valley of Bowser, Mario (and/or Luigi) fights his way to Bowser's Castle (or going through the Back Door via Star Road). Mario eventually makes it to Bowser and, after a long battle, defeats him and rescues Princess Peach.


For all three phases of this fight, Bowser will be in his Koopa Clown Car which debuts in this battle

Phase 1

During the first phase, Bowser flies around in a "U" formation and his only attack involves dropping Mechakoopas at the player. The player must pick up a Mechakoopa and throw it upwards at Bowser to damage him. This must be done three times in order to enter the next phase. Note that while transistorizing into the next phase, Bowser will drop fireballs and Princess Peach will drop a Mushroom that can be collected.

Phase 2

In the next phase, Bowser moves around in the sky and not in the "U" formation from the previous phase. Bowser can now drop large balls that must be jumped over at the right time without colliding into the Koopa Clown Car. After that, Bowser will resume dropping Mechakoopas that can be used against him once more. This must be done two more times to go into the third and final phase. As usual, Bowser will drop fireballs and Peach will toss a Mushroom to help the player out.

Phase 3

In the third and final phase, Bowser is now serious and starts to hop madly at the player. Even his Koopa Clown Car shows an angry expression. The player must be quick and careful when avoiding Bowser and wait until he drops more Mechakoopas. Since Bowser is hoping up and down in this battle, timing is everything to ensure the Mechakoopa hits Bowser and not the Koopa Clown Car wasting a Mechakoopa. As usual, Bowser goes down in three hits overall and releases Princess Peach before flying off into the sky.


  • This is one of few times Bowser fights in his Koopa Clown Car.
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