Bowser??? is a boss that appears in Paper Mario.


This robot was created by the Koopa Bros. and is the first part of the second boss fight in the game. The robot itself is operated by the brothers and they even talk for it, saying corny lines that Bowser would say, telling Mario that he will defeat him with ease and that he can't doing anything to stop him. Upon a close inspection, one can easily tell it's a robot and Goombario talks about this in his tattle of the thing.

After the HP of the robot goes to zero, it begins shaking and eventually erupts, with the debris falling into the jail cell where Mario found Bombette. Upon destroying the machine, the Koopa Bros. theme plays and they jump from the debris. Then, the real fight begins. Inside of the machine, is a picture of Princess Peach.


  • Bowser??? is the first boss in Paper Mario whose name is followed by three question marks. The second will be Spike???.
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