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"Lets do the Crime Warp again!"

Bowser's Warped Orbit is a board in Mario Party 8. It is centered around a giant battle station in space. The board is unlocked after story mode is completed.


The player is about to receive the Star Rod when Bowser shows up and takes it. The player jumps onto the Star Platform and heads to space, where you duel battle against a Blooper or a Hammer Bro.. If the player wins the duel, Bowser returns the Star Rod and declare that he's the "Superstar". He then challenges the player to a battle in deep space in the mini-game Superstar Showdown. If the player beats the game, they will become the "Superstar". Bowser's Warped Orbit then becomes playable in the Party Tent, and the boss the player fought becomes unlocked.


Bowser's Warped Orbit is a very unique board, it is one of the very few boards with a two-way path. If the player steps on certain spaces, Bowser will yell, "Let's do the Crime Warp again!", and pull a lever, switching the direction of the board. The only way to obtain stars is to steal them from another player using Bowser Candy or Bullet Candy.

Special Spaces

  • A ? Space next to Kamek has him mix up all the player's candy. A ? space next to a tube sends you to the other side of the board after earning twenty coins. Once ? space has Bowser come onto the board and chases the player around the board until it reaches a space. Any player in the way gets involved in the chase. Other ? spaces has Bowser reverse the board's direction.
  • A Bowser Space has Bowser come and steal a star.
  • A DK Space has Donkey Kong come on a satellite and give out a free star, or a piece of Candy in duel mode.
  • The Lucky Space has an alien called Captain Shy Guy come and take you to an outer space diner. The lucky path doesn't have a star, but it has three pieces of candy, either Bowser candy, or Bullet candy.


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