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Bowser's Villa is the last world of Super Princess Peach. It is located in Vibe Island, where Bowser had heard of it. It was his castle, with many types of enemies, having different vibes and not being common. Bowser is the leader and the boss of the world, also Army Hammer Bro. was the first boss to be defeated. Bowser was the only boss to have to rounds for battle. This is the time, Peach has to rescue the last captured ally, Mario.


When Bowser heard of Vibe Island, he was interested to build his summertime Villa. He had order his minions to kidnap Mario, Luigi and the Toads; Unfortunately he wasn't able to kidnap Peach explained that she was walking with Toadsworth and the Toad.


  • Bowser's Villa 8-1
  • Bowser's Villa 8-2
  • Bowser's Villa 8-3
  • Bowser's Villa 8-4
  • Bowser's Villa 8-5
  • Bowser's Villa 8-6

Unlockable Levels

  • Bowser's Villa 8-7
  • Bowser's Villa 8-8
  • Bowser's Villa 8-9


  • All enemies



  • This is the only world from Super Princess Peach to have three boss battles.
  • This is the only world to save an ally instead inside a cage, not the bubble.