Bowser's Snow Fort is the sixth and final level of World 4 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


The outside of Bowser's Snow Fort has a giant statue of the Koopa King himself in ice. The caverns deeper in Bowser's Snow Fort is dark blue with many different colored platforms and rails inside.


Mario finally reaches Bowser's Snow Fort and the next Royal Sticker is near. Mario works his way up battling through the many Shy Guys (and a few Snifits that gets into is way. Mario eventually finds himself riding a mine cart . Mario must carefully work is way on the mine cart to avoid the spikes and falling. Mario makes it though the end and jumps toward the giant Bowser statue. It springs to life and Mario is forced to battle it. Mario eventually wears it down until it breaks apart revealing the true boss: Mizzter Blizzard wearing the Royal Sticker. Mario quickly takes him down and earns is fourth Royal Sticker.


Thing Stickers


  • Mine-Cart Rail Scrap
  • Diagonal Rail Scrap
  • Mine-Cart Exit Scrap
  • Album Page

Toad Side-Quest

Yet again, Mario meets the Travelling Toad, who is being ganged up on by two Shy Guys to the far left side of the building. Mario must defeat the Shy Guys (which actually turns out to be a bunch of them stacked together) and this should mark his fourth time rescuing the Toad. Mario is also awarded with a free Secret Door sticker if he has room for it.