Mkdd bowsers shell

Bowser's Shell.

Bowser's Shell is an item in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is Bowser and Bowser Jr.'s special item. It is a giant spiked Koopa shell, like that of Bowser's, and it makes characters' karts flip over and the item thrower will drag on the ground.

It cannot be hurt by any obstacle except the Gold Star, which is the only item that is completely invincible unless the character using that item falls off the track.

The Bowser Shell is that way too, as it can fall off, and if it does, then the shell automatically breaks. Like a Green Shell, Bowser Shells just bounce back and forth against walls, but are more likely to hit someone because their giant size takes up more space. Fireballs from Mario or Luigi and an Egg can make it bounce away.

The shell can be used to counter a fireball spit by the Bowser Mechanical Cannon in Bowser's Castle, as they destroy each other. It will also disappear into a puff of smoke if it hits an opponent using a Gold Star or it goes out of the course's boundaries. It is unknown if these are just weapons used by Bowser modeled after him, or actually his spare shells. The items reappeared as one of Bowser's items in Mario Kart Arcade GP 2. This shell can also be found when you defeat Bowser and his minions in Puzzle and Dragons:Super Mario Edition.

This item can be also found in the beta version of Mario Kart DS but it did not appear in the final game.

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