Bowser's Enchanted Inferno is the final and only unlockable board in Mario Party 7. It is set in an Amusement Park over lava.


In Story Mode, the player would face Bowser here after buying one star for twenty coins. Then, after getting to the center, Bowser will appear.

Bowser will challenge the player to a minigame, Bowser's Lovely Lift. If you beat it, you would defeat Bowser and he would land on a deserted island. The player will then wave from a cruise ship to complete Story Board.

During Bowser Time, Bowser will sink whatever island has the star. Any players on that island will be sunk into lava and returned to the center. They will then lose one star or half of their coins.

? Spaces

  • On the furthest corners of all the islands: A Koopa Kid will grab the player and toss him/her into a cannon then the player will get propelled to a random island other than the one he/she is on.
  • On either the left or the right side of the north island: The player will face Koopa Kid in a wrestling match. In order for the player to win, he/she must rapidly press the A button.
  • On top of the ladder on the west island: The player will ride a rollercoaster for a load of coins.
  • The right side of the south island: You go across stepping stones. Pressing left goes to the left of the two ad vice versa is true for the right. If the player picks the wrong one, he/she will fall into the lava. If the player gets three correct choices in a row, he/she get a star.
  • The top right section of the east island between the bridge and the cannon: A fire breathing Mecha-Bowser burns the player to a crisp, and he/she will lose five-ten coins.


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