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"Oh no! I can't believe I left my secret diary lying out!"

Bowser's Diary, also known as Bowser's Secret Diary and Private Diary, is a diary belonging to Bowser that is in Paper Mario.


The diary is found in the room with the secret path to Princess Peach's room after Bowser's Castle lifts it from the ground. When Peach sneaks out with Twink, the two find this diary sitting on a nearby desk on the tuning platform. Twink reads Bowser's diary to Peach, which reveals the second Star Spirit's destination. Bowser then comes in, finds Peach reading his diary, and angrily calls two Koopatrols to take her away. After Peach and Twink are escorted away, Bowser removes this diary and hides it, making it unviewable for the rest of the game.


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