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Bowser's Dark Matter Plant is a Bowser galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy. Mario has to fight Bowser for the second time to obtain a Grand Star. The plant is filled with dark matter, which is a hazard that Mario has to face. If he touches it, he will die instantly. The level features many sections with changing gravity, which makes it difficult to avoid the dark matter. It is the final stage for the Bedroom of the Comet Observatory. Mario can access the galaxy with 33 Power Stars in his possession, including the Grand Stars from the Gateway Galaxy, Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor, Bowser's Star Reactor, and Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada.


Darkness on the Horizon

Mario has to make his way to the center of the galaxy where Bowser awaits him within his fortress.

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Starting Planet

The Starting Planet is a huge planet that makes Dark Matter. If Mario touches the Dark Matter, he totally disintegrates and will die instantly. The planet has two main sections. The first section has many moving platforms across dark matter and a 2D area with many gravity changes that Mario must cross. The second section is a whole lot of dark matter and a lot of gravity changes with a 2D area. There are also moving platforms across dark matter as well and there are holes in space, acting out as obstacles. If Mario falls into the hole, he falls and disintegrates, either in the hole, or the dark matter.


There are stairs that lead to Bowser and there are two Lumas in ice crystals, where Mario has to shake the crystals and release them. There is also a crystallized Life Shroom on the second platform of the Stairs.

Dark Matter Reactor

This is the part where Mario fights Bowser for the second time, and it is where the dark matter is created. There are ice crystals and green plates that when smashed they leave Coins. Also, the ice crystals are used to block Bowser's fireballs and the green plates can be used to block the shock waves that Bowser makes, but neither of them can protect Mario from Bowser's new Dark Spin attack.

Names In Other Languages

  • Japanese: Kuppa Dāku Matā Puranto (Bowser's Dark Matter Plant)
  • Spanish: La Dimensión Bówserus De La Matéria Oscura (Bowser's Dark Matter Dimension)


  • There is a secret above the first section of the map, with a Question Block.

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