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Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade is a level of World 2 in the game Super Mario 3D World.


As the final level of World 2 (Super Mario 3D World), there is a barrage of enemies waiting for you, including Bullet Bills, Blocksteppers, and Fire Piranha Plants. Other obstacles include the cannons and spikes. Boom Boom waits at the end of the level for you.

Green Stars

  • Green Star 1: Use the Cannon Box to destroy the three Venus Fire Traps guarding the star.
  • Green Star 2: In second tank section, destroy the crate on the second tank to get the star.
  • Green Star 3: With the cannon box on the last tank, destroy the wall that has Bowser's symbol to get the star.


Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade Stamp.png

In the second tank section on the third tank, get the Boom Boom stamp by either jumping really high on the crates or destroying them with the cannon box.