Bowser's Bogus Items (also shortened to Bogus Items) are useless items that appear in Mario Party. Bowser will hand out these items whenever a player is unlucky enough to pass him on a board. The item tends to result in a loss of coins or sent somewhere else on a board.


DK's Jungle Adventure

The Bogus Item of this board is the Golden Bowser Statuette. Bowser gives away a worthless statue of himself to the player and the player is forced to pay him 10 coins. Bowser will then say that the statuette isn't worth anything at all.

Peach's Birthday Cake

The Bogus Item of this board is the Bowser Cake. Bowser will give away a "cake" and the player is forced to pay 20 coins for it. The cake is simply a spiked shell with frosting on it making it totally inedible.

Yoshi's Tropical Island

The Bogus Item of this board is the Bowser Tube. Bowser says he is willing to help out the player and gives away an inner tube that breaks as soon it is worn. For "destroying" his product, Bowser forces the player to pay him 30 coins.

Wario's Battle Canyon

There is no direct Bogus Item on this board but Bowser offers a service instead. If the player gets to him, Bowser says he will lauch the player out of the cannon. However, when Bowser tells the player to turn around, he slashes the player with his claws and sends them to a random location. The cannon is never used until after the last turn, when Bowser shoots the player in fourth place out of the cannon.

Luigi's Engine Room

There is another service here and it involves Bowser's latest creation: the "Make As Many Coins As You Want Mecha." Bowser will produce a coin for the player and lets him/her take it. However, Bowser will force the player to then pay 20 coins meaning the player has given away 19 coins.

Mario's Rainbow Castle

The Bogus Item of this board is the Ztar. If a player is unfortunate enough to meet with Bowser, Bowser will give them a Ztar which forces the player to pay 40 coins. This is the most expensive Bogus Item in the game.


  • The Ztar appears as a Bogus Item in Mario Party where it only serves to take away coins. The Ztar previously appeared in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars in a move. The Ztar will appear in later Mario Party games where it's often takes away a Star instead of coins (though, if the player has no Stars, 20 coins will be taken away instead).
  • No Bogus Items appear on the boards, Bowser's Magma Mountain and Eternal Star.
    • Ironically, both of this boards are operated by Bowser himself.