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"Such a gale! An ill wind, to be sure!"
― Gardener Toad

Bouquet Gardens is the second level of World 1 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is also known as World 1-2.


Bouquet Gardens is very similar to the previous level Warm Fuzzy Plains except with many more flowers. The flower's colors range from yellow to blue.


Mario and Kersti start off in this nice plains with a Koopa Troopa. Mario easily kicks it away and continues forward with his quest. Mario fights many enemies and pulls off more stickers until he comes across an area with wind to strong to continue, he tracks down the source of the problem, giant fan. Mario turns off the fan and presses on. He eventually finds two Goombas ganging up on the Travelling Toad but he easily dispatches of them. After more exploring, Mario is soon finding himself fighting five Goombas. Kersti introduces the Battle Spinner system where Mario pays three coins to spin the wheel and match three pictures to use more Stickers in battle than before. After defeating the Goombas, Mario and Kersti move on. After a little more exploring (and helping out an earlier Toad to earn a HP-Up Heart increasing Mario's HP to 25), Mario finds another Comet Piece and completes the level.