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{{DKP Track
|image = [[File:Bounty Beach (Diddy Kong Pilot, 2001 build).png]]
|caption = [[Diddy Kong|Diddy]] flying through Bounty Beach.
|first = ''[[Diddy Kong Pilot (2001 build)|Diddy Kong Pilot]]''
|cup = Sleepy Shores
|theme = Beach
'''Bounty Beach''' is the first racetrack which appears in the 2001 build of ''[[Diddy Kong Pilot (2001 build)|Diddy Kong Pilot]]''. It is the first course of the world Sleepy Shores, according to the [[Clock Race]] mode and the selection on the Racing mode.
This track shares the name with a [[Banana Bird Cave]] in ''[[Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!|Donkey Kong Country 3]]'' also called Bounty Beach.
[[Category:Tracks in Diddy Kong Pilot]]
[[Category:Tracks in Diddy Kong Pilot]]

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