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Bouldergeist (ポルタ Polta?) is a ghost with the power to control rocks in the Ghostly Galaxy, first appearing in Super Mario Galaxy. They hold one of the Power Stars and was the one who presumably captured Luigi. They reappear in the sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2 as one of the bosses faced in the Boss Blitz Galaxy, presumably to get their revenge.


Physical description

Bouldergeist is a large ghost who is entirely made out of boulders. The inside of their body is a black swarm of smoke.

Powers and abilities

  • Rock Manipulation: Bouldergeist can manipulate rocks and throw them at their victims.

In Super Mario Galaxy

Bouldergeist's lair is on the Bouldergeist Battle Planet. When Mario makes his way here and encounters them, Bouldergeist assembles their stone armor suit and atttacks.

Bouldergeist's main attack is throwing rocks, boulders, or stones at Mario. They are quite easy to avoid if the player runs in a straight line. However, they will occasionally summon a straight line of rocks, which hurts Mario if he is caught in it and restricts Mario's moving space. To defeat Bouldergeist, Mario must use his Star Spin to get the Bomb Boos produced from the black rocks the monster throws. After three hits, they reveal their true form: a black ghost. They will then try to run, spawning Bomb Boos in their wake. The player must use the Bomb Boos to hit them. In their second phase, Bouldergeist forms hands out of rocks. These rock hands give them new attacks such as slamming their hands into the ground or punching. Additionally, the rock geyser attack makes two lines instead of one. After Bouldergeist's true form is defeated a second time, the ghost's core explodes, and Mario can get his hands on the Power Star dropped by them.

The player can obtain a Power Star by completing a mission called Bouldergeist's Daredevil Run. In the mission, the player will start near the battle arena with one life. The player must avoid Bouldergeist's attacks and defeat them to obtain the Power Star.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bouldergeist retains their attacks from Super Mario Galaxy in Boss Blitz Galaxy.


Bouldergeist is a portmanteau of "boulder" and "poltergeist". In geology, a boulder is a rock fragment, matching Bouldergeists affiliation to rocks. A poltergeist refers to a ghost or supernatural being responsible for physical disturbances throwing objects about, matching Bouldergeist throwing rocks at their target.


  • Bouldergeist is similar to Thardus in Metroid Prime. The two bosses are enormous rock monsters that can manipulate rocks.