Not to be confused with the Beach Bowl Galaxy.

Boulder Bowl Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2. This galaxy first introduces Rock Mushrooms, which Mario can use to transform into Rock Mario. The boss of this galaxy is Rollodillo. This galaxy shares similarities with Spin-Dig Galaxy, from its music to its overall dirt theme.


Rock and Rollodillo

In order to complete this mission, Mario has to utilize the Rock Mushroom to navigate the galaxy. He must use his new power when he and Rollodillo clash on the cage at the end.

C'mere, Goomba

The Gold Gearmo has laid a trap, and he wants a Goomba! Mario must lure a Goomba to the net. This done, the Gearmo will be pleased about his find and Mario will receive a Power Star from him.

Rolling Crabber Romp

Crabbers have infested the planet Rollodillo lives on! Mario must use the Rock Mushroom to end their reign of terror... within one minute!

Green Power Stars

These all take place in the Rock and Rollodillo mission.

Green Star 1

Without knocking down the bridge, Mario must use his Wall Jump to grab this star. If it is toppled, the star will be unavailable.

Green Star 2

After knocking the bridge down, walk up the ramp and fall to get the star.

Green Star 3

This is behind the fence in the second planet. The said fence is guarded by an Elite Electrogoomba.


  • The first level's name "Rock and Rollodillo" is based on the popular music type "Rock 'n' Roll."
  • The song used in Rolling Crabber Romp is the same as Giga Lakitu's fight theme.