Mario jumping over a pit in Super Mario Bros.

Bottomless pits are hazards that appear in nearly every Mario game. They are most common in the sidescrolling platformer games.


Super Mario Bros.

Pits are first seen in Super Mario Bros., including the very first level, and appear in every one of the game's sequels and remakes. Mario can simply jump over the pits in order to avoid them. However, some pits require Mario to build speed in order to jump over them. In rarer cases, Mario must jump over a bunch of enemies in order to cross a very wide pit.

Super Mario World

Pits appear in levels in this game. Bottomless pits are very common in the Special World levels where some are spaced together attempting to get Mario or Luigi to fall through. Mario or Luigi can easily use a Cape or Flying Yoshi to safetly cross pits but must avoid enemies to keep their flight.

Super Mario 64

Pits are actually found on a few levels in this game mainly Tall, Tall Mountain and Rainbow Ride. Mario must jump platform to platform in order to avoid deep plumments. 

Super Smash Bros. series

Bottomless Pits play a semi-big role in this game series. Players who can utilize the Meteor Smash technique have a great chance of smashing an opponent down into a pit. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, pits are very common during Adventure Mode.

Paper Mario series

Bottomless Pits are actually rare in the Paper Mario games. None really appear in Paper Mario but they do become somewhat common in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Super Paper Mario, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. If Mario falls down a pit, he then loses 1 HP and is put back in front of the pit he fell in.

Mario Kart series

Pits appears in the Mario Kart games and they are very common on Rainbow Road courses (except the one from Mario Kart 64). If a racer drives into a bottomless pit, they are rescued by Lakitu and they are usually placed right behind the area where the pit was located.

Super Mario Sunshine

Bottomless Pits are not that common in this game but they always appear in the "Secret" related levels. If Mario has FLUDD, he can try to fly from danger using the Hover Nozzle but if he falls into a pit, he loses a life. A very large pit is found under Pianta Village.


  • One of the residents of The Underwhere from Super Paper Mario said his game ended after falling into a pit.
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