Boss Sumo Bro is a sub-boss in New Super Mario Bros. U, who guards the second fort of Rock-Candy Mines. He is a large Sumo Bro who wears two tsuna around his shoulders.

Super Mario series

Boss Sumo Bro is a sub boss faced in New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. When faced, he starts out as an ordinary Sumo Bro, but after being exposed to Kamek's magic, he grows three times the normal size of a Sumo Bro, and begins to attack the player by jumping from platform to platform creating electric shockwaves to damage the player. The player can attack Boss Sumo Bro by jumping from below the platforms he stands on to throw off his balance, from which then the player must jump on top of him to damage him. After repeating this process three times, Boss Sumo Bro is defeated.

Paper Mario series

Boss Sumo Bro, along with regular Sumo Bros, are set to appear in the upcoming game, presumably as a sub-boss.