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Border Jump is a minigame in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It was in the Stardust Fields, run by the Border Bros. on the official border of the Mushroom Kingdom and the Beanbean Kingdom. Mario and Luigi were forced to participate in order to cross the border. They were the first to win the challenge, and were given a map of the Kingdom as a reward.


In Border Jump, Mario and Luigi must jump over the "border," a rope held by the two Border Bros. Mario and Luigi cannot move otherwise. They have three lives each. If a brother is hit, he loses a life. They lose if one of the brothers loses all their lives. They win if they can survive until time runs out, indicated by a classic Super Mario Bros. Flagpole in the background. The amount of lives left determines the number that appears in the background, similar to how where Mario or Luigi lands on the flagpole determined how many points they get in Super Mario Bros. This number is merely cosmetic.


The Border Bros. move in different ways depending on the level. The first four levels must be beaten in order before Mario and Luigi can choose levels.

  1. Border Jump - Reward: Map for first completion, access to Beanbean Kingdom, access to level 2, 1 Hee Beans for later completions
  2. Border Jump 2 - Reward: Access to level 3, 2 Hee Beans
  3. Super Border Jump - Reward: Access to level 4, 3 Hee Beans
  4. Super Border Jump Sunshine - Reward: Ability to choose any level, 5 Hee Beans
  5. Complete Border Jump: All four previous levels done consecutively - Reward: 7 Hee Beans