"Well, well! Talk about a nice surprise! Check it out, bro!"
― Border Bro, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Beanbean Borderlands The Border Bros. are supporting characters who made their cameo in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga.


They appear to be twins. However, the flags on their helmet makes the difference; one is blue and the other is red.


When Mario and Luigi entered the castle, the Border Bros. seems happy to see the "famous Mario Bros.". They knew the Bros. wanted to go to the Beanbean Side of the lands. However, they cannot allow them to go pass through. Fortunately, they will allow them to go pass if they do the Border Jump. If they refuse, then they can not pass, the Border Bros. encourage them to do it. When they agree, they do the mini-game. To pass, the Mario Bros. have to jump, Luigi jumps with GBA B and Mario jumps with GBA A. If they touch the rope thrice, then they can't pass, but they give them another chance. They have to keep jumping over the rope until the flag reaches the top. After completing the mini-game, they let them pass through. Before they can go to the Beanbean side, they were impressed that they were the very first people to go pass the border, rewarding the Beanbean Map to make them more "safer". He instructed if they want to look at the map, they press GBA Select to view the map on the screen. Then he left for the Mario Bros. to resume their journey.



The Border Brothers, along with the Starshade Bros., and the Hammerhead Bros. are some of the very few characters from the Beanbean Kingdom to actually know Luigi's name.

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