Bopping Spree is an unlockable 1-vs-3 minigame in Super Mario Party. It is a portmanteau of "bop" and "shopping spree".


The minigame sets in a boxing ring. The punching bag lights up and the solo player hits the lighted punching bag.


The aim of the minigame is to fill up the meter by hitting the highlighted punching bag. The solo player is surrounded by punching bags, it will have enough time to punch the correct punching bags. The team is outside the circular lineup of the punching bags that will give players more time than the solo player to hit the punching bags. Whoever fills up the meter first wins the minigame.


Either the solo player and team does their victory animation if they win. The Toads are cheering in the background.


  • Control Stick – Move
  • Single Joy-Con Left Button – Punch

In-game description

  • "Punch the targets as soon as they light up!"
  • "Be the first to reach 20 points!"
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