Bootler is Lady Bow's butler in the Paper Mario series. He lives in Boo's Mansion alongside not only her, but a plethora of other Boos as well.


Paper Mario

Bootler plays a rather big role during Chapter 3 of this game. Bootler can be first seen near the entrance to Forever Forest which scares Fice T. Once Mario appears, Bootler will inform Mario that he has been invited to Boo's Mansion but threatens him if Mario doesn't show up. When Mario finally arrives at Boo's Mansion, Bootler invites Mario in but Mario finds himself being tested before being able to see his master: Lady Bow. Bootler and Lady Bow both tell Mario that a menace known as Tubba Blubba has been going around eating Boos. They also say that Tubba Blubba is invincible and nothing can hurt him. However, Bootler grows protective once Lady Bow says she wants to help Mario defeat Tubba Blubba. Lady Bow yells at Bootler saying she isn't a child anymore and Bootler understands allowing her to leave. After Tubba Blubba is defeated, Bootler is pleased and is not even worried about Lady Bow wanting to continue her journey with Mario. Bootler isn't seen again until the ending parade where he is with Tubba Blubba, his heart, and three Boos.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Bootler, along with Lady Bow, return in this game. They can be both seen at Poshley Heights where they are taking a vacation. They are both happy to see Mario again.

Super Paper Mario

Bootler makes a cameo on a poster in Fort Francis.


Paper Mario

"He is a Boo called Bootler. He's the manager of the mansion and the personal assistant of Lady Bow. Ordinarily his title would be 'butler'. Being a butler is hard work. Hmm... Maybe I'm just imagining this, but doesn't it look like he's enjoying himself? Maybe he likes hard work?"

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

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Bootler is a pun of the words "Boo" and "butler."