Booster Tower is a location at appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is home to Booster and his many Snifit servants. This is also the place where Bowser joins Mario's team as an ally (though he thinks of Mario joining his side).


Booster Tower is a fairly tall building. Inside, there is many rooms which some even lead to traps. There is also train tracks in certain rooms that Booster rides on taunting Mario every time.


Mario and his team arrive at Booster Tower to save Princess Toadstool from Booster. However, Mario notices Bowser trying to ram open the door and successfully does. Bowser agrees to have Mario join on his Koopa Troop and they head inside avoiding the many traps and enemies that lurk inside. Eventually, Mario reaches a room with four curtains and dolls on the ground. Mario hears Booster coming and hides behind the curtains. Booster suspects someone is in the room and orders is Snifit servants to check the curtains. Mario manages to hide from the Snifits and continues onto the next room. However, Booster and Toadstool are missing and two guys named Knife Guy and Grate Guy ambush Mario's team and battles them. Mario 's team manages to defeat the two Guys and they follow Booster to Booster Pass.

Mario can come back here to play Knife Guy's mini-game. If Mario succeeds a certain number of times, then he is awarded with the Bright Card which is used to get into Grate Guy's Casino in Bean Valley.


  • If Mario fails to hide from the Snifits three times, then he must fight Booster and his Snifits before continuing any further.