Like the Boos from Luigi's Mansion, the Boos from Dark Moon have names that are usually puns on phrases. However, the way to capture Boos is different in this game as Luigi has to use the Dark-Light Device to stun them, vacuum at their tongues and pull back to damage them, then suck them up in the Poltergeist 5000.

Boos by location

Gloomy Manor

Name Mansion Room Phrase
Boogie Woogie Gloomy Manor Garage Boo-ha-ha! I'm Boogie Woogie! Hang ten, green-hatted dude![1]
BaBoon Gloomy Manor Mudroom I'm BaBoon! Let's go boo-nanas![2]
Boo Boo Gloomy Manor Studio Oopsie. I made a Boo Boo...[3]
Unnamed Boo Gloomy Manor Dining Room
Ooga Booga Gloomy Manor Library Did I scare you? I am...wait for it...Ooga Booga!

Haunted Towers

Name Mansion Room Phrase
MamBoo Haunted Towers Hydro Generator A one, and a two, and we all love MamBoo! Except for you![4]
Boolean Haunted Towers Sewer Am I Boolean? True or false?[5]
Booluga Haunted Towers Crypt I'm Booluga! I used to be covered in blubber, but then I went on a die-it![6]
Boo B. Trap Haunted Towers Family Room I knew you always fall for me! Boo B. Trap strikes again![7]
French Boodle Haunted Towers Tool Shed Yip yip! I'm a French Boodle! Aren't I bootiful?[8]

Old Clockworks

Name Mansion Room Phrase
ComBooter Old Clockworks


ComBooter says 01100010 01101111 01101111![9]
Bootine Old Clockworks Quarry Boo ha ha! I'm Bootine...with extra gravy!
Boodonkulous Old Clockworks Kiln Room Boodonkulous is in the building!
JamBoolaya Old Clockworks Clock Tower Gate Don't you dare call me GumBoo! My name be JamBoolaya!
Boony Raboot Old Clockworks Crank Room Boo! You found me! Nobody hare but Boony Raboot!

Secret Mine

Name Mansion Room Phrase
Paraboola Secret Mine Deep Hall I'm Paraboola! A symmetrical open-place curve formed by an intersection of a cone with a plane parallel to its sides. I mean...BOO!
Booger Secret Mine Chalet I'm Booger! Why must you always pick on me?
Boofoon Secret Mine Terminal Hey, who turned off all the lights? I'm Boofoon!

Treacherous Mansion

Name Mansion Room Phrase
Boolldog Treacherous Mansion Underground Lab Arf, arf! Grrr...Better run from Boolldog!
Boopa Troopa Treacherous Mansion Inner Courtyard Boopa Troopa, reporting for duty! The Boo armies are here, so you might as well surrender!
Booreaucrat Treacherous Mansion Dark Age Exhibit Ahem...I am Booreaucrat! This mansion is now under the ownership of King Boo, esquire. I take it you have the proper credentials to be here, including ID and a mansion-roaming license? No? That's...unfortunate. You'll have to be penalized!
Big Boo (ten Boos combined) Treacherous Mansion Train Exhibit I may not be the king, but I sure am BIG. Big enough to crush you!
MaraBoo Treacherous Mansion Aviation Exhibit I'm MaraBoo. Aren't my feathers classy?


  1. Boogie Woogie is a type of piano-based music in the Blues genre, however, in this context, it appears to be referencing surf culture. The term hang ten means to put all ten toes over the front of the surfboard.
  2. BaBoon is a homoglyphically stylized version of the Old World monkey's Baboon.
  3. The term boo boo is often used by children when one gets hurt.
  4. Mambo is a type of music and dance. The usage of A one, and a two is the instructor counting the performers in.
  5. Boolean is a data type that has two possible values, which are true and false.
  6. Booluga is a play on the whale species Beluga.
  7. A booby trap is a device which is triggered by ones actions or presences.
  8. French Boodle is a play on the French Poodle dog breed.
  9. The numbers in ComBooter's phrase: 01100010 01101111 01101111 is Boo in binary numbering.