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Super Mario RPG Statistics: Boomer
Artwork of Boomer.
Location(s) Bowser's Keep
Health Points (HP) 2000
Attack 200
Defense 140
Magic Attack 35
Magic Defense 26
Weaknesses None
Dropped Item None
Psychopath Message "It's all over now..."
Experience Points 0

Boomer is a boss that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Boomer is first seen at the very end of Bowser's Keep where he was guarding the way to Exor. He is left in charge of the keep after the Smithy Gang have fully taken over. Then he challenges Mario and co. to a battle. After being defeated, Boomer cuts his rope from the chandelier and allows Mario and co. to head for the fight with Exor.


In battle, Boomer mainly attacks by swinging his sword at Mario's team. He can also raise his defense and offensive stats during battle and can use a deadly, one-hit knockout move known as Shaker. Mario and his team should attack normally until he is defeated.

Special Attacks


As soon Boomer is defeated, the scene changes directly over to the fight with Exor. If Mario's team is defeated by Exor, they must fight Boomer over again.


  • The area that Boomer is fought is the same area where Mario fought Bowser near the beginning of the game.
  • During the scene where Mario and co. are riding the chandelier up to the fight with Exor, the theme "Let's Go Down the Wine River" plays. This theme also played at Midas River.
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