Boomer is a pixl from Super Paper Mario. He is the bomb partner that replaces Bombette from Paper Mario and Admiral Bobbery from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Boomer can be found in an underground room in Gloam Valley. After defeating some enemies, Boomer is revealed and can aid Mario and the other heroes by blowing up blocks to move on to places. Boomer is extremely useful in this game as his bomb attacks deal more damage. He can also be placed in front of enemies and explode as they get close making him a good ranged Pixl. Boomer is also required for some boss fights such as the first Bowser fight (as Bowser has a spiked head) and Brobot L-Type (as he can only be damaged by explosions. However, unlike Bombette and Bobbery, Boomer does not walk forward before detonating (as he is not a Bob-omb thus lacking any legs).

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