Boohemoth is a huge version of Boo with a couple other different aspects whom debuts in New Super Mario Bros. 2. For instance, Boohemoth covers its eyes and looks embarrassed if Mario looks at it, but peeks and starts moving slowly if Mario waits long enough. Boohemoth's main attack is simply touching Mario, much like other species of Boo. It also has puffed cheeks and some other facial differences. It chases Mario around, thus the player must not touch it, otherwise Mario will take damage.

A Boohemoth makes a cameo in Mario Kart 8 on the Twisted Mansion track.


'Boohemoth' of course is a reference to boos, and a pun of Bohemoth, a large object. Even deeper, Bohemoth itself is derived from Russian 'бегемот' pronounced similar, and means hippopotamus.

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