Boogie Beam is a Duel music based mini-game from Mario Party DS.

Intro to mini-game

The Camera focuses on the players standing on top of a billboard. The spotlights go off on a few players, causing them to dance the correct move.


Player slowly dance to the Underground theme from Super Mario Bros. Suddenly a giant pause in the music will occur and the spotlight will shine on any number of players. If the Spotlight flashes on the player, they must tap the spotlight button.

The game lasts a total of thirty seconds--in this time period, there will be 5 posing opportunities, totaling 10 points maximum. The first two are single poses, while the third is one worth up to three points. Here, the spotlights will give three consecutive chances to choose a pose. The next opportunity is a single pose again, but in the final seven seconds or so, the spotlights give four consecutive chances to choose a pose.


All players use the Stylus to tap the two buttons on the touch screen.

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