Boo's Shop, also known as Igor's Shop, is a location that appears in Paper Mario.


It is an Item Shop run by Igor in the basement of Boo's Mansion. This shop is known for selling Life Shrooms and other rather expensive but rare items. It is the only shop to sell the Mystery item. During the first arrival at Boo's Shop, Igor wouldn't sell any items to Mario by orders of Lady Bow. However, once Lady Bow joins Mario's party, Igor allows him to buy items again.


Image Item Price
SuperShroomPM Super Shroom 13 coins
LifeShroomPM Life Shroom 50 coins
Maple Syrup Maple Syrup 25 coins
SnowmanDoll Snowman Doll 15 coins
StopWatch Stop Watch 25 coins
MysteryPM Mystery? 1 coin
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