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Boo's Mansion is a location that appears in Paper Mario. It is a large mansion located deep within Forever Forest and is home to many Boos, most notably Lady Bow and Bootler, who are the owners of the mansion. It has three floors with the first floor being where Lady Bow lives, the second floor which serves as the main area, and the third floor which is mostly a basement and also contains an item shop.


Just shortly before Chapter 3, Bootler personally pays Mario a visit inviting him to Boo's Mansion at the end of Forever Forest and tells him that he must come. After Mario and the others make it to Boo's Mansion, Bootler greets him once more but must first prove himself before meeting up with his master, Lady Bow. Mario must solve the many puzzles and avoid the traps until he finds a portrait of a Boo that allows him to make it to the third floor to meet up with Lady Bow. Lady Bow reveals that she actually manage to trap the third Star Spirit, Skolar but is not willing to give him up unless he helps her stop the Boo-eating menace Tubba Blubba. Mario has no choice but to agree and Bow allows herself to join Mario's party. After Tubba Blubba is defeated, Bow upholds her end of the bargain and lets Skolar go free. She also permanently joins Mario party after growing attached to him.


  • When Mario visits Igor's shop the first time, he will not sell any items to Mario due to orders from Lady Bow. However, once Bow joins Mario's team, Mario can buy items from there anytime.
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