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Boo, Paper Mario: Color Splash

Boos, also known as Boo Diddlys (a play on the name of American R&B singer Bo Diddley) or Boo Buddies, are a recurring ghost species in the Mario franchise. They first appear in Super Mario Bros. 3. Since then, Boos have been an iconic recurring enemy, and most of them are encountered in Ghost Houses.


Boos are a type of white, spherical ghost with menacing and normally open mouths. They are known for their large tongues and small "arms" of some sort. However, the most distinctive characteristic of the Boos is their shy personality, where they cover their faces when someone looks directly at them. They will uncover their faces once the subject turns around. It is unknown if Boos are the ghosts of formerly living beings or if they are an actual species, though it is more likely that they are a species. Goombario's tattle for the Boo Igor in Paper Mario, however, states: "He probably was a merchant before he became a Boo," implying that some current Boos may have once been living beings. It is revealed in Super Mario Galaxy that they speak in a language called "Booish." While they have been enemies for most of their history, some spinoff games feature a Boo as a playable character, and some are even allied to Mario.

In Super Mario series[]

Super Mario Bros. 3[]

Boo Diddly
Mario facing Boo SMB3

Boos are encountered as enemies. They are timid and would cover themselves up if Mario or Luigi looked at them, but would chase them when they were turned away. The enemy were generally invincible unless a Hammer Suit was equipped, or there was use of a Blue Koopa Shell or Starman. Also appearing in Super Mario Bros. 3, are Stretches, a longer version of Boos that appear in Fortresses throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario World[]

Boo Buddy
Boo Sprite (Super Mario World)

Boos are encountered as enemies in Ghost Houses. They retain their attacks from Super Mario Bros. 3, and occasionally make faces at Mario and Luigi. A new sub-species of Boos was introduced, the Boo Buddy. Also introduced in Super Mario World were the Big Boo and Fishin' Boo, a ghost-like form of a Lakitu. Boos can be defeated with the effects of the Starman.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins[]

Boo SML2 sprite

Boos are encountered as enemies in the Pumpkin Zone.

Super Mario All-Stars[]

Aside from returning in Super Mario Bros. 3, with updated graphics, Boos are enemies in the Battle Game, a Mario Bros. remake, serving as a replacement of Green Fireballs.

Super Mario 64[]

Boos in Super Mario 64

Several Boos in Super Mario 64.

Boos are enemies who are mainly featured in the course Big Boo's Haunt. Mario can defeat a Boo by Ground Pounding it. A group of Boos appear in the Castle Courtyard after collecting one Power Star. After obtaining twelve Power Stars, a Big Boo can be found in the hallway leading out to Castle Courtyard, and the portal to Big Boo's Haunt appears in a small cage inside a bigger Boo. Mario can only access the portal by Ground Pounding the Boo.

When Mario looks at a Boo, they try to hide by becoming partially invisible, instead of hiding their faces, while they're semi-transparent, a coin or a Blue Coin can be seen. The ones in the courtyard produce a single coin. A punch or a kick is required to defeat them. They are also vulnerable by ground pounds. In Big Boo's Haunt, there are also three Big Boos which hold Power Stars, they must be hit three times to be defeated.

Super Mario Bros. Deluxe[]

You VS Boo

Mario racing against the Boo in You VS. Boo.

While Boos do not appear in Super Mario Bros., they appear in the game's exclusive mode You VS. Boo. Here, the object is to reach the flagpole before Boo. After several times, Boo gets replaced by Green Boo. Green Boo is faster, and once Green Boo is defeated so many times, it gets replaced by Red Boo. Red Boo is significantly faster than Boo and slightly faster than Green Boo. Once Red Boo is defeated, it gets replaced by Black Boo, the fastest Boo in the game.

Super Mario Sunshine[]

Boo in Super Mario Sunshine.

Boos are enemies encountered at Hotel Delfino on Sirena Beach. Boos can be stunned with F.L.U.D.D. and then jumped on or ground pounded for defeat. They disguise themselves as coins that don't spin. King Boo can be found in the basement of the Hotel Delfino. Boos are also able to disguise themselves as Shadow Mario to confuse Mario when he's looking for the real Shadow Mario during Episode 7: Shadow Mario Checks In. Red Boos also make an appearance in which they can be sprayed with F.L.U.D.D. and used as platforms.

Super Mario 64 DS[]

Boo SM64DS

Several Boos in Super Mario 64 DS.

Boos keep the same role as they did in the original; instead, their eye color is different and their look has been updated to be more modernized. The leader of the Boos King Boo also appears in this game and is the one responsible for capturing Luigi. Mario can find a painting of Luigi on the highest floor of Big Boo's Haunt, which takes him to the Big Boo Battle on the balcony. After following the cackle of King Boo, Mario arrives in a room with a mirror in it. To defeat King Boo, Mario must view him through the mirror, since King Boo is invisible. Once King Boo is defeated, Luigi is let free. Yoshi cannot defeat them, for ground pounding and sweep kicks have no effect, and if he tries to eat them he will spit them out thereby making Big Boo's Haunt, the only main course that not all four characters can access.

The Castle Courtyard has eight Boos, each having a Red Coin contained within them.

In Big Boo's Haunt, one of the Boos possesses a Luigi Cap in missions starting with Mission 3.

New Super Mario Bros.[]

Boo Painting NDS

A Boo from New Super Mario Bros..


Boos are enemies mainly appearing in Ghost Houses, but they also appear in World 8-1. They have the same tactics as those of Super Mario Bros. 3. Two new forms of Boos are introduced in this game, Balloon Boos that inhale air whenever Mario looks at them and chase him (whist deflating) when he looks away, and Broozers, the boxing ghosts. Boos can also spawn from some ? Blocks, Boos can only be defeated with the effects of the Blue Shell or the Starman.

Super Mario Galaxy[]

Mario facing Boo SMG

Boos are enemies encountered in four galaxies: Ghostly Galaxy, Bigmouth Galaxy, Deep Dark Galaxy, and Sand Spiral Galaxy. They act as they did in previous games. They can only be defeated if they are under a stream of light. If a Boo catches sight of Mario while he's Boo Mario, they become attracted to him and start moving towards him with a smitten look on their face. Boos also appear underwater in the Bigmouth Galaxy, where they swim back and forth much like Cheep Cheeps. A new form of Boos are introduced in this game, called the Bomb Boo. Hence their name, Bomb Boos are explosive and can be used to destroy objects that are normally unbreakable, they are also the key to defeating the colossal rock monster Bouldergeist. A friendly Boo called the Spooky Speedster also appears. He challenges Mario to races in the Ghostly Galaxy and the Boo's Boneyard Galaxy. If Mario wins these races, the Spooky Speedster awards Mario with the Power Stars.

The outside of the Mansions also count as light areas as a result, if a Boo is lured outside, it will still be defeated.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[]

3-Ghost Housensmbwii

Boos return as enemies in Ghost House levels like in New Super Mario Bros.. A Starman can only defeat them. Big Boos and Broozers appear, as well as Circling Boo Buddies. Their appearance is more of a glowing blue instead of the normal white. In this game, Boos are only seen in Ghost Houses and no other levels making them much less common, additionally, a Boo can also be seen outside each Ghost House on the world map. Upon completion, the Boo by the Ghost House will cover its eyes.

Super Mario Galaxy 2[]


Boos appear in the Haunty Halls Galaxy, the Boo Moon Galaxy, the Battle Belt Galaxy, and the Slimy Spring Galaxy. They behave the same as they did in the previous game and can be defeated in the same ways (via light). The Big Boo also makes a return in this game, Big Boos are completely invincible, Bomb Boos are also back and appear in the Boss Blitz Galaxy during Bouldergeist's boss fight. Octoboos also appear in this game.

Super Mario 3D Land[]

Boo 3D

Mario near a Boo in Super Mario 3D Land.

Boos return as enemies, once again commonly appearing in Ghost Houses and retaining their trademark moveset. There is also a new variety of Boo known as Tail Boos, which have Tanooki tails and will swing them if the player looks at them. Big Boos also return in this game as a semi-common enemy, most of the time, Boos are completely invisible until Mario approaches at which point they reveal themselves and follow him. Some Boos spin around in a circle with one small opening of which Mario has to go through. The first group of these to appear, in World 4-4, has a coin in it, spinning with the boos. Boos are very durable and can only be defeated with the effects of the Starman other attacks will make them briefly disappear.

The game introduces another variant of Boo, Peepa, which has since been a recurring ghost throughout some of the Mario games.

New Super Mario Bros. 2[]

Boo Cars

Mario near a Boo and some Boos driving the walls (New Super Mario Bros 2.)

Boos are found in the game's many Ghost Houses and Haunted Forests and behave as they did in past games. The Big Boo also makes a return in this game, Boos can only be defeated with the effects of the Starman or the Gold Flower. Boos are among the enemies to be affected by the Gold Ring. When activated, the Boos and Big Boos become Gold Boos and Gold Big Boos respectively, the Gold Boos turn and flee leaving coin trails behind them and this game also introduced a new variety, Boohemoth which is much bigger and can chase Mario down narrow hallways.

New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi U/New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe[]

Boo Ghost House

A Boo as seen in New Super Mario Bros. U

Boos and Big Boos return in New Super Mario Bros. U, New Super Luigi U, and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe behaving as they did in past games. They commonly appear in Ghost Houses and various levels of Soda Jungle's Haunted Forest. Boos can be defeated with the effects of the Starman or being swallowed by Baby Yoshi. The Circling Boo Buddies also return in this game. Boos appear in the enemy course of Soda Jungle's Haunted Forest.

Super Mario 3D World/Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury[]

Boo 3D New

A Boo from Super Mario 3D World.

Boos and Big Boos are back in both Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury behaving as they did in past games, they are commonly found in Ghost Houses alongside Peepas and can be defeated mainly with the effects of the Starman but they can now also be defeated with the new Light Box. Shining a Light Box in a Boo or Peepa's face for long enough will destroy it just the same. Boos mainly appear once you get close enough, they can also sometimes appear when you make contact with fake objects (such as fake doors and even fake Flagpoles).

Super Mario Maker/Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS/Super Mario Maker 2[]

Boo Podoboo Thwomp SMM

Several Boos near a Podoboo and some Thwomps in Super Mario Maker.

Boos also appear in Super Mario Maker as well as it's two sequels as placeable enemies. Boos can be placed in any theme and they appear in all the game's styles. A Boo can be given a Super Mushroom to become a Big Boo or wings to become a Winged Boo. Boos can also be placed near a flat surface to become a Stretch. Boos behave the same as they did in usual games and can be defeated only with a Starman.

Super Mario Run[]

Run Boo Run

Mario running from a Boo in Super Mario Run.

Boos return as enemies, retaining their behavior from earlier Super Mario games. They can be defeated with the effects of the Starman. Stretches also return in this game retaining their appearance from the New Super Mario Bros. U style of Super Mario Maker.

In Mario Kart series[]

Boo The Item

In the Mario Kart series, Boo is used as a defensive item. It first appeared in Super Mario Kart. It would render the character invisible to all other racers and invulnerable to all hazards (except for falls). However, if you would to get hit by the flipper in Waluigi Pinball, you would still get shocked and spin backwards. Boo would also steal an item from a racer on the track if possible. It returned in Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Arcade GP, and Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 with the same function, but in Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Boo also slowed the leader down and caused him/her to lose coins. On the Broken Pier Boos flied around and would attack the player like the item would, however you could stack multiple on you. The Boo item did not reappear in the Mario Kart series until the release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

They were also used as harmless features on tracks such as Ghost Valley, Luigi's Mansion, and Banshee Boardwalk.

In Yoshi's Island series[]

Boo Yoshi

Outside the Mario series, Boos and Big Boos have appeared in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (the first game where they're under their current name). Boos retain their trademark behavior of covering their eyes when you look at them and chasing you when you look away. A Boo can only be defeated by looking away and tossing an egg at the wall so it ricochets and hits the approaching Boo (hitting the Boo while it's eyes are covered does nothing). Both Boos and Big Boos return in Yoshi's Island DS and Yoshi's New Island retaining their behavior from before. Boos can be defeated in the same ways as usual. In Yoshi's Island DS Boos can appear in the Museum if defeated with an Egg. A sub-type of Boo called the Invisighoul also appears in this game. The series also introduces different types of Boos such as Boo-Blahs, Boo Guys, Ghost Piranhas, and Invisighouls. A giant Boo named Bigger Boo also appears as a boss.

In Mario Party series[]


Boo in Mario Party 8

Boos appeared many times throughout the Mario Party series. In Mario Party 1, 2, and 3, Boos appeared in several mini-games. In Mario Party 4, Boo was a host, and owned a board named Boo's Haunted Bash. Boo appeared as a playable character in Mario Party 5, and Pink Boos took over the shops and the mini-games. In Mario Party 7, Dry Bones was Boo's partner, and they both shared the same special item. Boo appeared in Mario Party 8 again as a playable character. In Mario Party 5 and 6 Boo's default partner is Koopa Kid, while in Mario Party 7 and 8 it is Dry Bones. That is because Dry Bones's first playable appearance was in Mario Party 7. Boo was removed from the playable character roster in Mario Party DS, although Boos are featured in two minigames: Boo Tag and Peek-a-Boo. Boo appears in Mario Party 9 as an enemy that will take Mini Stars away from the captain of the vehicle in Boo's Horror Castle. In Mario Party 1-4 Boos are used to steal coins or a star from an enemy for a fee. Boo will appear as a playable character again in Mario Party: Island Tour.

Mario Party 5 is the first installment in the series to have playable antagonists. (That is --in the home console games-- through Super Mario Party Jamboree, except for Mario Party Superstars.) Boo --along with Koopa Kid/Bowser Jr.-- are the first two antagonists --from the Mario universe-- to be playable characters (not counting Mario, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, and Birdo who have been both a protagonist and a villain). Interestingly, Boo is the only one antagonist who has appeared as a playable character in all later home console games to date starting from Mario Party 5 (except for Mario Party 9, 10, and Superstars).

Partner Team
Mario Soul Bros.
Luigi Scaredy Pants
Peach Boo-for-Teas
Yoshi Hovering Fiends
Wario Double-Dealers
Daisy High Spirited Duo
Waluigi Total Creeps
Toad Doom 'n' Shrooms
Toadette Boo Duet
Birdo Unfair Pair
Dry Bones Scary Pair
Blooper Creature Feature
Hammer Bro Bad Vibes

In Paper Mario series[]

Paper Mario[]

Paper Boo Old

Boos are only seen in Boo's Mansion and brown ones can be seen in Gusty Gulch. The Boos in this are informed by Lady Bow to test Mario before he is allowed to see her. The Boos will guard the helpful Super Boots and one Boo will even teach Mario how to use them. As later stated by Lady Bow, a monster named Tubba Blubba has recently turned invincible and has been eating Boos as payback for scaring him many times. Some Boos can be seen hiding in Tubba Blubba's Castle where one of the Boos informs Mario that the secret to getting to Tubba Blubba's weakness is in the castle. After Mario finds the key and finds the source of Tubba Blubba's invincibility, Tubba Blubba is defeated and spits out every Boo he has eaten. Tubba Blubba then runs away crying much to the joy and relief of the Boos. It should be noted that in this game, not only does the Boos not appears and enemies in this game, but they are also allies to Mario since in other appearances, they usually try to trick and attack Mario.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[]

Boo TTYD sprite

Boos inhabit the Creepy Steeple. 200 Boos are released from a chest after Mario answers it and one of them asks Mario a question about how many Boos just came out. If Mario answers correctly, the Boo rewards him with an Ultra Shroom. Later, the Boo can be seen by himself and asks Mario if he is going to hurt him. If Mario replies he won't, the many Boos soon start to flood in the main hall of the Creepy Steeple. If Mario waits too long in a spot, the Boos will crowd around him and throw him out of the steeple. If Mario swings his Super Hammer three times at them, the Boos will get angry and form into the Atomic Boo. If the Atomic Boo is defeated, then the Boos will no longer surround in the Creepy Steeple (except a few can then be fought as regular enemies). In battle, the Boos mainly attack by scaring at one of Mario's party. The Boos can also make themselves fly higher (preventing Hammer attacks) and invisible (preventing any attacks from hitting at all). In the audience, a Boo may fly out and make either Mario, his partner, or an enemy or boss invisible. Dark Boos also appear in this game.

Super Paper Mario[]

Boos can be found in certain areas of the game such as in the basement of Merlee's Mansion or the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials. The Boos will attack in their classic way by only moving in closer whenever Mario, Luigi, Peach, or Bowser's backs are turned.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star[]


Boos in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

Boos only appear in one level.: The Enigmansion. They invaded the Mansion Steward's mansion whom he enlists for Mario's help to capture them all. There are 100 Boos that Mario must defeat and capture all in the Book of Sealing. Some Boos hide cleverly requiring Mario to do a little more exploring. There are also unique types of Boos including the Disco Boos, Golden Boo, Crumbled Boo, and Boo Stack. After Mario captures all of the Boos, he returns the Book of Sealing into the basement. However, it is soon revealed that Kamek was the one who released the Boos who he thought the Book had rare Stickers in it. Kamek uses his magic to combine all of the 100 Boos into one Big Boo. Mario defeats the Big Boo and the Steward's mansion is soon ghost-free.

Paper Mario: Color Splash[]

Boos reappear as enemies in the parallel versions of Vortex Island, Lighthouse Island and Fortune Island, where they seemingly replace Bloopers in that world. Boos will commonly be fought in stack of 10, and can deal a good amount of damage if Mario doesn't defeat them quick enough. Boos also have the unique power to drain Mario's paint by giving him a fright.

Paper Mario: The Origami King[]

Macho Boo in Scorching Sandpaper East PM Origami King

Macho Boos in Paper Mario: The Origami King

Boos reappear as enemies, in two versions, macho origami and normal origami monsters, both can be found in the Sandpaper Dessert. The macho can be battled on the Scuttle Island. Boo does not directly attack Mario. They tend to disappear, teleport around, blocking Mario way. For destroy Macho Boo, Mario has to remove the sticker in their back, then attack them again. Normal Boo can only be seen at the beginning of a match, and turn invisible as player are allowed to rotate the battlefield. Player must remember their position, in order to gain the Puzzle Completion Bonus.

In Luigi's Mansion series[]

Luigi's Mansion[]

Boo Mansions
Boo LM artwork

Boos play a majore role It is revealed that most of the Boos were formed from Boolossus but King Boo got angry after Professor E. Gadd captured him. This led to King Boo to capturing Mario and releasing all of the captured portrait ghosts with the help of Vincent van Gore. There are a total of 50 Boos that must be captured in this game in order for Luigi to gain access to King Boo in the Secret Alter. The Boos in this game doesn't pull against the Poltergust 3000 which means that Luigi must point the Poltergust 3000 at the Boo in order to suck it up. Boos will also tend to head into other rooms even those that haven't been unlocked yet. Boos can be tracked down using the Boo Radar function of the Game Boy Horror and Luigi must check in that certain location to reveal the Boo. After the Boo has been captured, E. Gadd will update the Boo and even save Luigi's current progress for him. The Boo's names in this game are puns of other objects or phrases such as the "Gameboo Advance" being a pun on Game Boy Advance.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon[]

Boo Dark Moon artwork

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon artwork

Boos are much more smarter and tougher. Throughout the game, Luigi uncovers pictures that eventually lead to the Boos once again capturing Mario and using special crystals to power up the ghosts, and making them stronger than ever before. As for combat, the new way to capture Boos is much more complex from the original game. For starters, there is no Boo Radar to get an exact location to where they are and Luigi must search previously explored rooms and areas. Luigi must then search for an invisible object and reveal it using the Dark-Light Device. Luigi must then vacuum up the Spirit Balls to make the Boo appear and attempt to vacuum it up. The Boo will then turn invisible and fly around the room either summoning Spirit Balls to attack Luigi or by simply ramming into him. Luigi must reveal the Boo using the Dark-Light Device and vacuum at the Boo's tongue to send it flying across the room losing money and hp as it bounces around. After the Boo's HP has reached zero, Luigi must quickly vacuum it up into the Poltergust 5000 before it regains itself. Like with Luigi's Mansion, the Boo's names are puns of objects and phrases but they do not save the current game process.

Luigi's Mansion 3[]


Boos in Luigi's Mansion 3

Boos once again play a major role.

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In Mario Power Tennis[]

Boo's Tennis

Artwork of Boo for Mario Power Tennis

A Boo is one of the playable characters. Its Offensive Power Shot is the Boo Blast, in which it transforms into several Boos, hitting the ball while the fake Boo fades. Boo's Defensive Power Shot is Boo Brigade Return, in which it forms its racket with several other Boos and hits the ball while the Boos fly with it.

In Mario & Luigi series[]

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions[]

In the Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser campaign of the Nintendo 3DS remake Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions, Boos are an obtainable Flying troop, and their special attack is Evasion Cloak. The in-game description is "For Bowser's sake, they won't be frightened! No, really! Prone to mocking their foes and attacking from above."

Crossover appearances[]

Super Smash Bros. series[]

Although Boos do not physically appear, they make a minor appearance in the Luigi's Mansion stage when a part of the mansion breaks off. Boo also appeared as a collectible trophy and sticker.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[]

Boos reappeared in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as background characters and a Boo appears as a spirit (represented by a white Kirby that can turn invisible at any time. In Ultimate, it can be seen at Luigi's Mansion. In World of Light, there is a Boo spirit at Dracula's Castle guarding imprisoned Dark Pit.

Game data[]

Mario & Luigi series
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
Boo Sprite - Mario and Luigi - Superstar Saga LVL 40 (33) HP 10 POW 128-134 DEF 1000 SPEED 110
EXP 40 (110) COINS 10 (8) Fire Critical Thunder Normal Jump Normal
Hammer? Weak Hand? Weak Stun? 0% Burn? 0% Stat Down? 100%
Item drop Location(s)
1-Up Mushroom – 6.45%
Random Slacks – 25.81% (32.26%)
Bowser's Castle
  • Parentheses indicates statistics in Japanese version.
  • Numbers and words in gray indicate coding unavailable in normal gameplay.


Game Role Year Console Notes
Super Mario Bros. 3 Enemy 1988 Family Computer / Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Mario World Enemy 1990 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Yoshi Object 1991 Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System Featured as one of six falling objects
Super Mario Kart Item 1992 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Enemy 1992 Game Boy
Yoshi's Cookie Enemy 1992 Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment System
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Enemy 1993 Game Boy
Super Mario All-Stars Enemy 1993 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Appears in the remake for Super Mario Bros. 3
Hotel Mario Enemy 1994 Philips CD-i
Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World Enemy 1994 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Appears in the remake for Super Mario Bros. 3 and in Super Mario World
Mario's Picross Cameo 1995 Game Boy Appears in one of the pictures in the "Early Picross" stage in level 6C
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Enemy 1995 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Enemy 1996 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Encountered in Kero Sewers and The Trial Course
Super Mario 64 Enemy 1996 Nintendo 64
Mario Kart 64 Item 1996 Nintendo 64
Super Mario 64: Shindō Pak Taiō Enemy 1997 Nintendo 64 Same as in Super Mario 64
Game & Watch Gallery 2 Non-playable character 1997 Game Boy Featured in the Modern version of Vermin
Yoshi's Story Enemy 1997 Nintendo 64
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX Enemy 1998 Game Boy Color Same as in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Game & Watch Gallery 2 Non-playable character 1998 Game Boy Color Same as in Game Boy version
Mario Party Non-playable character 1998 Nintendo 64
Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Opponent 1999 Game Boy Color Only raced against in the You vs. Boo mode
Picross NP Vol. 2 Cameo 1999 Super Famicom Featured as character puzzle K
Mario Golf Non-playable character 1999 Nintendo 64
Mario Party 2 Non-playable character 1999 Nintendo 64
Mario Tennis Playable character 2000 Nintendo 64
Paper Mario Non-playable character 2000 Nintendo 64
Mario Tennis Non-playable character 2000 Game Boy Color
Mario Party 3 Non-playable character 2000 Nintendo 64
Mario Kart: Super Circuit Item, course hazard 2001 Game Boy Advance Aside from being an item, Boos are featured in Boo Lake and Broken Pier
Luigi's Mansion Enemy 2001 Nintendo GameCube
Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 Enemy 2001 Game Boy Advance Same as in Super Mario World
Super Mario Sunshine Enemy 2002 Nintendo GameCube
Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Enemy 2002 Game Boy Advance Same as in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Mario Party 4 Non-playable character 2002 Nintendo GameCube
Game & Watch Gallery 4 Non-playable character 2002 Game Boy Advance Appears in the Modern versions of Donkey Kong 3, Mario's Cement Factory, and Boxing
Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 Enemy 2003 Game Boy Advance Same as in Super Mario Bros. 3
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour Unlockable playable character 2003 Nintendo GameCube Unlocked by obtaining 50 Best Badges in Tournament Mode
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Cameo 2003 Nintendo GameCube Featured within various portraits in the Luigi's Mansion battle course
Mario Party 5 Playable character 2003 Nintendo GameCube
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Enemy 2003 Game Boy Advance
Mario vs. Donkey Kong Enemy 2004 Game Boy Advance
Mario Pinball Land Enemy 2004 Game Boy Advance
Mario Power Tennis Playable character 2004 Nintendo GameCube
Mario Party 6 Playable character 2004 Nintendo GameCube
Super Mario 64 DS Enemy 2004 Nintendo DS
Mario Party Advance Enemy 2005 Game Boy Advance Four appear at Boo Cemetery in Shroom City; also featured in the minigames Boo-Bye, Spooky Spike, Floor It! as well as the Gaddget Porta-Gust.
Yakuman DS Opponent 2005 Nintendo DS
Mario Superstar Baseball Playable character 2005 Nintendo GameCube
Mario Party 7 Playable character 2005 Nintendo GameCube
Mario Kart DS Item 2005 Nintendo DS
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Enemy 2005 Nintendo DS
New Super Mario Bros. Enemy 2006 Nintendo DS
Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Unlockable playable character 2006 Nintendo DS Unlocked by clearing the Flower Tourney on Hard difficulty
Mario Strikers Charged Playable character 2007 Wii Featured as a sidekick
Mario Party 8 Playable character 2007 Wii
Super Mario Galaxy Enemy 2007 Wii
Mario Party DS Non-playable character 2007 Nintendo DS Featured in the Boo Tag, and Peek-a-Boo minigames as well as a figure.
Mario Super Sluggers Playable character 2008 Wii
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Enemy 2009 Wii
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Enemy 2010 Wii
Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition Enemy 2010 Wii Same as in Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario 3D Land Enemy 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Tennis Open Playable character 2012 Nintendo 3DS
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Enemy 2012 Nintendo 3DS
New Super Mario Bros. U Enemy 2012 Wii U
Super Mario 3D World Enemy 2013 Wii U
Mario Party: Island Tour Playable character 2013 Nintendo 3DS
Mario Golf: World Tour Playable character 2014 Nintendo 3DS
Super Mario Maker Enemy 2015 Wii U
Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash Playable character 2015 Wii U
Super Mario Run Enemy 2016 iOS, Android
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions Enemy and Ally 2017 Nintendo 3DS
Super Mario Odyssey Cameo 2017 Nintendo Switch Peach wears a Boo mask on the side of her head while visiting Bowser's Kingdom
Mario Tennis Aces Playable character 2018 Nintendo Switch
Super Mario Party Playable character 2018 Nintendo Switch
New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Enemy 2019 Nintendo Switch
Dr. Mario World Assistant 2019 iOS, Android
Super Mario 3D All-Stars Enemy 2020 Nintendo Switch Appears in the remasters for Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy
Mario Golf: Super Rush Playable character 2021 Nintendo Switch
Mario Party Superstars Non-playable character 2021 Nintendo Switch Also featured within two minigames, Roll Call and Crazy Cutters

Behind the scenes[]


The word "boo" is often used as an unexpected surprise. It might also be derived from peek-a-boo, being behind someone and shout the phrase behind their backs. Another way it is used is to express dislike, often at a comedic or musical act.


  • There is an enemy called a Mumbies in the Kirby franchise that behaves similarly. They are dormant when Kirby has his eyes pointed in their direction (45 degrees of error maximum). However, they enter their active form and chase him when the pink puff has his back turned.
  • The BOO Unit from Star Fox Guard bears a slight resemblance to a Boo.


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