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"A creature that can stretch many times its height upward! I have been hoping to investigate one up close!"
― The Bonneter biologist requests for an Uproots, Super Mario Odyssey

The Bonneter biologist is a non-playable character in Super Mario Odyssey.


The Bonneter biologist is a scientist. He is eager to expand his knowledge, but is apparently shy, as shown by his habit of not moving from his spot and telling others to bring specimens to him.


The Bonneter biologist appears in the Wooded Kingdom which he is curious how the Uproot stretches. He finds out that Uproots telescope outwards. In the Lost Kingdom, he is curious how Tropical Wigglers stretch their bodies and finds out that it works like an accordion. In Snow Kingdom, he is curious how a Snow Cheep Cheep covers their body in freezing water, and finds out that their round shape and mouth keeps the body insulated. In Bowser's Kingdom, he wants to know how Pokios stretch their beaks. He finds out that they appear to be short due to being in a hyperfolded state that unfolds when the creature's mouth opens.


  • In the Lake Kingdom, a Lochlady asks to see Cheep Cheep up close, but she is not interested in studying their nature, although this mission is similar to the mission that the Bonneter biologist has otherwise.
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