"My name is Bonechill. I'm known somewhat as a celebrity in certain circles of the Underwhere."
― Bonechill

Bonechill is the boss of Chapter 7 in the game Super Paper Mario.


He is a powerful demon that was released from his prison in the Underwhere by Count Bleck during the events of Super Paper Mario. He is made up of ice and has the power to unleash an icy wind attack that can freeze Mario or his companions. He also sits upon a giant cannon that can launch large icy bullets.

Rumors persist that Bonechill was once a nimbi seeing by his wings, his lexicon, and Tippi's tattle of him. However, he is now a skeletal demon that controls the Skellobit army that has been terrorizing the Nimbi. Bonechill and his army of Skellobits invaded The Overthere after his escape in search of the pure heart. Mario and the other heroes were able to defeat him, but not until after his army had frozen most of the residents of The Overthere.


The battle with Bonechill takes place high atop the Nimbi lands of The Overthere, in a chamber where Gram sent Mario at the end of chapter seven. During the battle, Bonechill attacks using his ice breath that cause the target to become frozen, taking four points of damage for a few seconds. While he attacks using his icy breath, the ceiling could get frozen, and thus icicles will begin to fall.

In order to defeat him, Luigi can be seemed as an essential with his Super Jump technique. Thoreau and Boomer can also be used to defeat him, but with more strategy.

Bonechill's Stats (Super Paper Mario)
Max HP 80
Attack 4
Defense 0
Attacks Ice Breath
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