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Bombs Away is a minigame in Mario Party and Mario Party 2. The object of the game is to avoid bombs from Bowser's ship.                                                                                   .


In this minigame for both games, the players must try to survive until the thirty second time limit ends. There will be cannonballs that will hit the arena (though they do tend to miss). If a cannonball hits the arena and if a player is still standing on it, they will be stunned for a moment. The best way to avoid this is to jump while avoiding the other players. Players must be careful not to slip off of the arena.

In Mario Party 2, if there isn't a sole winner near the end, the ship will fire a large missile toward the center of the stage. Hitting that and any of the cannonballs from eariler results in an instant loss.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Jump


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