"She's named Bombette. That pink is adorable! She does seem to be pretty strong willed. Her future boyfriend might be in for some trouble!"
Goombario's Tattle

The icon for Bombette during battle Bombette is a character in Paper Mario. She is a Bob-omb that becomes a part of Mario's party, becoming the third partner in his adventure. Like most bombs, she is able to explode which is useful in breaking holes in cracked walls and floors.


Mario finds her while traversing the Koopa Bros. Fortress. After talking to Mario, she offers to join his party. She demonstrates how to use her skill on a crack in the wall. After the wall has blown up, Bombette realizes that she could have escaped a while ago. Bombette has the ability to body slam enemies as well as using herself as a bomb against a single enemy. Once a Super Block is used on Bombette, she learns how to use Power Bomb, and after another Super Block is used, she will learn Mega Bomb.


Power and abilities

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Image Name Rank Effects FP Used
BodySlamPM.png Body Slam Normal Rank Attacks an single enemy for damage. 0
BombPM.png Bomb Normal Rank Attacks a single enemy for high damage. 3
PowerBomb.png Power Bomb Super Rank Attacks all ground based enemies for high damage. 6
MegaBomb.png Mega Bomb Ultra Rank Attacks all enemies on the screen for high damage. 8



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