Bombard King Bob-Omb is a Stage Boss battle mini-game in Mario Party 9. ​In 'Solo' mode, Big Bob-omb (aka King Bob-omb) appears in Bob-omb Factory as the boss.


This game has probability; in this game, you should select a Bob-omb with Wiimote Dpad, ​Wiimote A​, Wiimote 1, or Wiimote 2. Each Bob-omb is worth differently:

  • Large Bob-omb is worth +3 points.
  • Medium Bob-omb is worth +2 points.
  • Small Bob-omb is worth +1 point.

Be careful not to choose the same Bob-omb! This consequence will be the player bumps to another player or more; all of you receive no points.


​When Big Bob-omb rages, whenever you choose the same Bob-omb, you end up bumping a player and he tosses the Bob-omb and you both or more of you loses -1 point.


​Hold the ​Wii Remote horizontally.

  • Wiimote A Wiimote 1 Wiimote 2 or Wiimote Dpad - Select Bob-omb
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